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    In addition to providing life-changing structure, support, and discipline, Master's Ranch Christian Academy is a boarding school program that serves at-risk youth from throughout the region.

    Pastor David Bosley, the retired founder of Master's Ranch, and the organization are committed to bringing restoration and healing to troubled youths and their families, as well as providing the resources, friendship, and faith-based counseling that are necessary for them to get a fresh start and direction in their lives.

    Counseling and therapeutic healing for over 20 years

    Since its inception more than two decades ago by David Bosley, the Master's Ranch Christian Academy has worked with at-risk children suffering from a variety of anger and behavioral issues, assisting those who are self-destructive or who have been diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, or RAD to find the hope and confidence they require to pursue a more positive path.

    Master's Ranch, which is located in an outdoor, ranch-style setting, provides an informal but unmistakably Christian approach to youth therapy, employing a proven and effective approach that fosters sharing and makes positive transformation much more feasible.

    Building Confidence through the Teaching of the Importance of Hard Work

    Master's Ranch Christian Academy helps at-risk children build self-esteem and confidence by putting them in a working agricultural environment and teaching them the value of hard labor and personal responsibility through the care of dogs, pigs, and cattle, among other things. Working directly with animals can also be a beneficial therapeutic tool, particularly in the areas of anger management and the promotion of healing through emotional attachment, among other things.

    Additionally, Master's Ranch provides a strong vocational component that emphasizes the development of employment skills that are applicable in the real world. Boys in the Master's Ranch program receive valuable vocational skills training ranging from woodworking, metalworking, and cement skills to electrical, plumbing, welding, and the culinary arts. This training helps to instill a sense of purpose and confidence in them that will last throughout their lives.

    Accomplishment and Self-Control

    Master's Ranch Christian Academy is structured and disciplined in a military-style manner, with a strong emphasis on the ideals of trust, privilege, responsibility, and reverence for those in charge. The confidence, focus, and sense of purpose that such infrastructure affords attendees allow them to carve out a more successful route and return to their life as responsible men of God.

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